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Kashmir Houseboats – Floating Abodes in heaven

If you fancy a romantic staycation in ultimate luxury abodes exuding heritage vibes in silent waters with the Great Himalayas in sight, then Kashmir houseboats are your perfect dream destination. Kashmir is synonymous with intricately carved houseboats in the famous Dal lake. The Dal lake is epitomized as the Jewel in the crown of KashmirContinue reading “Kashmir Houseboats – Floating Abodes in heaven”

Gulmarg – My travel story (2020)

“Every other beauty simply vanishes or feels less when you once see how beautiful kashmir is” We started our 2020 travel trips with our dream destination Kashmir, and without any doubt, gulmarg was on our priority list. Finally on17th Feb, the day arrived and the journey started. Here we come gulmarg!!!!! Journey from Srinagar toContinue reading “Gulmarg – My travel story (2020)”

Gulmarg 2020 – Complete travel info and tips

Gulmarg , heartland of winter sports of India , also known as “meadow of flowers” and topmost attraction of Kashmir, is indeed a heavenly place on earth. As the famous dialogue goes, “If heaven falls on earth, it falls here in gulmarg (kashmir) “. Undoubtedly, the most visited hill station of India, is nestled inContinue reading “Gulmarg 2020 – Complete travel info and tips”

Unbelievable Kheer Bhavani Mata temple in India with colour changing natural water springs

Do you know of any temple in India wherein the deity idols are surrounded by natural spring water which keeps on changing its colour ??Yes it’s true # Kheer Bhavani mata Mandir#Pay a visit to this religious shrine and u will be able to know about the miraculous history of the colour changing natural spring….Continue reading “Unbelievable Kheer Bhavani Mata temple in India with colour changing natural water springs”