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Badamwari – 2020 One of the Topmost attractions of Srinagar with unknown history

Winter look of the majestic badamwari garden

One of the topmost attractions of Kashmir, Badamwari, is a beautiful garden in Shahr-e-khas covering a huge area, at the foothills of Koh-e-Maran,facing the majestic Hari Parbat fort.

Hari parbat fort facing badamwari gardens

Badamwari gardens of Srinagar,as the name suggests,is dotted with almond trees alongwith all the beautiful ornamental trees which bloom in the spring season. As the spring sets in, the whole atmosphere is filled with fragrant airs and mesmerizing beauty of natural hues with huge landscapes in the backdrop.

Badamwari during spring season


As per historians, the garden has its existence even before the rule of Sultan zain-ul-Abidin dating back to 14th century. Even though very little known to us, as depicted on the info Board at the entry gate, the eccentric well covered dome has been named after an Afghan ruler, Warris shah. It remained under private guardianship. After a long period, the garden was revived and formally opened to all the localites and tourists in 2008. As of now it is looked after the J and K Bank. Very well maintained garden.

My experience

During our trip to Srinagar we got a chance to visit the royal badamwari. As we entered the garden, the beauty of the almond trees and the huge crossroads with beautiful flower bushes on both the sides encaptivated our mind and we were automatically transported into the mughal era. In winters even though we are not able to view the blooming of flowers but the green trees and snowclad mountains in the backdrop can perfectly make our pics look the best. As the Early spring sets in the garden transforms and in a very shot span it showcases the full bloom of flowers on the almond trees presenting a feast to the eyes…

Bridge in the badamwari garden
Glimpse of gardening skills in badamwari garden

Facilities and info

One can reach the garden by various modes of transportation. By air – 16.8 km from Srinagar airport. By train – 15 kms from station. By road – 6.5 kms from Lal chowk srinagar. Facilities at the garden – clean washroom and some food stalls. Entry fee – Nominal Rs.15 per head


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