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About Me

India N Sujata

” You just need wide arms, open eyes and clear mind to enjoy a place to the fullest” – Sujata Ashish Pawnikar

Hello, I am a homemaker but an avid reader by mind and a traveller by soul…always in search of new places, people, ideas, books, cultures, etc…The list is endless…as i keep adding to it….

My India is my Office…….My working hours have no limit….My loved ones are my team members and my travel partners too……

I am pursuing a dream to travel to each and every nook and corner of our Incredible India while sharing my experiences and unraveling the history of different places through my stories….According to me, its not always about your hectic routine and rat race in life, sometimes its necessary to sit back, relax, enjoy the breeze, smell flowers,enjoy local cuisines and be one with nature. And get back to work…..

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