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Unexplored picturesque villages Of Nashik in monsoons

Bathing hills of pahine village(PC:Ashish Pawnikar)

Nasik is an easy and perfect getaway from the chaotic monsoons of Mumbai as it is a beautiful blend of small villages with scenic beauty, hilltops dotted with greenery and covered in clouds, small and big waterfalls, ancient caves, wildlife sanctuaries,offbeat restaurants and temples shining in their glory. Someshwar waterfalls, saptashrungi temple, Trimbakeshwar temple, Brahmagiri hills, sula vineyards, Ganga ghat, pandavleni are some of the topmost attractions of Nasik. But my stay in nasik and the hunger for new unexplored places led me to some unexceptionally beautiful villages near nasik which transform magically in the monsoons.

Pahine Village – It is a rustic hamlet in the Trimbakeshwar tehsil of Nasik district.It is almost 33kms from Nasik city, 11kms from Trimbakeshwar and 47.3kms from Igatpuri and is accessible via Ghoti-Vaitarna road and Trimbak -ghoti road. On the onset of monsoons, it is seen in its full glory with river streams singing melody,unending green fields, unique waterfalls, clouds kissing the hilltops, small huts, brick kilns and peaceful living beings. With the first showers of pre monsoon, the living lanterns of nature, fireflies, enlighten the nights of pahine village.The night view is so enigmatic that one feels as if the trees are gleaming with stars. This makes it add to our list of “must see and must do “

Pahine waterfalls – The unexplored beautiful Pahine waterfalls resembling a necklace are located in the pahine village. Though the way to this waterfall passes through forest and variety of terrain it is still easily accessible. Pahine waterfall comes under the Forest department of Trimbakeshwar range.

Necklace waterfalls of pahine village
Pic credit : Mr. Pravin Daund, a well known photographer

The falls are seasonal and can be viewed in monsoons. The waterfalls and its surroundings are perfect example of flourishing nature’s untarnished beauty. The picturesque views will leave you spellbound. As of now it is famous only amongst the localites, attracting few people. So it is for sure a secluded spot for ultimate fun. Why to spend on luxurious spa when one can rejuvenate for free by standing below the waterfall, which is a true remedy for the restless soul. After enjoying in the waterfalls, one can have tasty vada pav and tea at the stalls on the road.

Beautiful pics of Pahine waterfalls by Mr.Pravin Daund, a well known and very enthusiastic photographer

Korapgaon – As you drive down from pahine village towards Igatpuri via Ghoti Budruk road, you come across a small village named Korapgaon. It is a less known village in Igatpuri taluka of Nasik district in Maharashtra, situated at 44 km from Nasik and 15 km from Igatpuri. The village is accessible by road from Igatpuri, bhagur and nasik. It is home to beautiful lakes, upper vaitarna camping site, bhavli waterfalls,etc. This quiet village is also famous with non veg lovers as one can find ample of localites providing non veg varieties but only on orders given in advance.

Vaki lake – It is one of the unknown and less explored picnic spot located in the Korapgaon village of Nasik district with a beautiful lakefront, distant mountain peaks and lush green meadows. Journey till the lake includes windy roads of ghoti with gorgeous views and great weather in monsoons. The place looks magical due to the misty environment and invigorating climate. It is a quaint lake with peaceful surroundings, an absolutely stunning sight for the sore eyes. In monsoon the lake is completely filled with water and offers a tranquilizing retreat for all those in pursuit of ultimate getaways.Very few food stalls serving refreshments are in the vicinity but having a picnic with our homemade tiffins with no one around can be a great option .

Snacks and refreshment centre nearby lake

Scenic drive on Ghoti -Vaitarna road – It is one of the most underrated drives of Nasik. As you drive on the scenic Ghoti vaitarna road you come across rustic village life, stunning views, amazing landscapes,resorts and farmhouses nestled in the lap of nature. One day trip to the various spots on this road is a must. Hope you enjoyed the natural beauty of Nasik as you sat comfortably in your living room.

The lake lay like a mirror that some one had breathed upon, the brown islands showing through the mist faintly, with gray shadows falling into the water, blurred at the edges. “

– George Moore    


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  1. It a scenic landscape road. Rarely explored, green farms and grass fields, small small waterfalls, peaceful surrounding, no commercialization. Really, write up is well explainatory.

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