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Someshwar Waterfalls (Doodhsagar falls of Nashik)

Someshwar waterfalls in Nashik
Pic credit: Ashish Pawnikar

“The waterfall is nature’s laughter.” 

Every monsoon Mumbaikars and Punekars visit lonavala, matheran, Malshej Ghats in search of waterfalls, and foggy mountains to escape the chaotic life and sip some hot chai or coffee at a relaxing spot and be one with the nature. But very few people are aware about Nasik as a monsoon destination too… Undoubtedly Nashik is famous as a spiritually enriched city with old and rare temples and many historical monuments. But there is more to Nashik. Beautiful unexplored villages, waterfalls, dams, resort and unique restaurants are some of the less explored spots in Nashik city. Come let’s explore some of them in this blog…..

Someshwar waterfalls is one of the sites that deserve to be on the bucket list for weekend getaways in Nashik. It is one of the famous picnic spots of Nashik for local families as well as youngsters. It is a spectacle of nature shrouded in lush green environment. The someshwar waterfalls are situated near Gangapur Dam on the holy river of Godavari. The cascading waterfalls falling from a height of 10m on the rocks beneath are a true sight to behold because of their huge width.

Dudhsagar waterfalls of Nashik PC: Ashish pawnikar

Someshwar waterfall is a seasonal waterfall and can be experienced in full glory when the water of Gangapur dam is released and it overflows over the small bridge connecting to the village on other side. In monsoons the way the water falls it resembles “Dudhsagar waterfalls “. Even though the water of the falls is not completely milky but beautiful enough to make them worth visiting. The strong force of the water current and the rushing sound of the gushing water fills the whole environment and transform it magically. The view is astonishingly splendid as vapours arising from the waterfalls form a beautiful painting of clouds. Tourists are rejuvenated as light showers emerging from the furious waterfalls cleanse their body and soul.

It is also one of the selfie points for the young generation but need to take extra care while doing so.Similar to all the monsoon destinations, one can spot localites selling sweet corn, fresh fruits, etc. Someshwar waterfalls are one of the most visited tourist spots in Nashik during monsoons. Sometimes due to the heavy downpour the spot is closed by the govt officials. The Someshwar waterfalls are located at 2 km from the famous Someshwar temple and therefore got the name. Easily accessible from Central bus stand of Nashik by auto or private vehicles. After having fun at the waterfall one can surely visit the beautiful Balaji temple and Someshwar Temple in close proximity.

Smoked corn on the cob PC: Ashish Pawnikar

Sri Venkatesh Balaji Mandir – Located very near to the Someshwar water falls is a beautiful temple of Lord Balaji. The temple is situated in the very place where Late Shankaracharya Dr.Kurtakoti spent his last years in penance on the banks of the holy river Godavari. The temple was built by Shankaracharya Nyasa and has the replica of idol deity Lord Tirupati donated by the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthan Trust. The temple surroundings are clean and well managed, The temple complex has holy idols of Sri Vyanakates, Sri Ambala and Sri Padmavathy. The temple has an octagonal sanctum-sanctorum as well as 5 shikhars and 6 arches adorned with artistic carvings. Festivals like Brahmotsav, Akshay tritiya and Tripurari Poornima are celebrated in this temple. It also has a goshala named after Moropant Pingale, who strived a lot for its existence.

Sri Vyankatesh Balaji Temple

Someshwar Temple – Dedicated to lord Shiva, Someshwar temple is situated on the banks of river Godavari and near to Someshwar waterfalls. It is one of the oldest temples of Nashik and is a Swayambhu temple. There is a hanuman temple on its side. The temple premises also host a temple dedicated to Sri Ram Laxman and Janaki and Laxmi Narayan. It attracts lot of tourists during Shivaratri and all mondays of Shravan month according to Hindu calendar. A fair is held outside the temple every year during these festivals. The temple was built in 19th century and now it is also a picnic spot as one can opt for Boating in the river, toy train for kids alongwith open space for recreation.

Someshwar temple Nashik PC : Ashish Pawnikar
Swayambhu Shivlinga
Sri Ram Laxman and Janaki

Hope you all like reading this blog…. And try to visit this place whenever you get a chance…. Happy monsoons!!!


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