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Unbelievable Kheer Bhavani Mata temple in India with colour changing natural water springs

Do you know of any temple in India wherein the deity idols are surrounded by natural spring water which keeps on changing its colour ??
Yes it’s true # Kheer Bhavani mata Mandir#Pay a visit to this religious shrine and u will be able to know about the miraculous history of the colour changing natural spring….

*It’s a temple of the kuldevi Ragnya Devi of Kashmiris. Also known by the names of Maharagya Devi, Rajni, Ragnya Bhagwati,etc.,the goddess is in the atmalinga form in the sacred temple built on a natural spring…She is a vaishnav form of durga and also known as tripurasundari..

Kheer Bhavani mata temple surrounded by spring water

* Situated in  a small village of tulmul,just 14 kms to the east from srinagar. It is situated in the middle of the residential areas and heavily guarded by army personnel round the clock. Need to go through complete scrutiny check to enter the temple and seek the blessings of kheer Bhavani Mata.

* Story of the Goddess

The goddess was initially worshipped by the King Ravana in Sri Lanka in epic times by the name of goddess Shayama. Ravana sought many blessings from her by his penance and sacrifices and offered rice pudding to her as Naivedyam. So she came to be known as Kheer Bhavani Mata. Once the goddess got infuriated by his actions and Instructed lord Hanumana to shift her to the holy place of Tulmul in India, a secluded place far from ravana’s vision. And so the temple was built on the divine spring which is known to be a collection of 360 springs.

Jay Hanuman

It is said that the night during which Mother Goddess came from (Sri) Lanka to Kashmir was named Ragniya Ratri. In Kashmir, Ragniya is the blissful form of goddess Parvati. One can find its mention in the book called Rajtarangini. Moreover, it is said that the colour of the Holy spring with spiritual prowess changes from hues of pink, red, orange, blue, etc., And has been witnessed and depicted as miracles by the famous philosopher Swami Vivekananda and great author Abu Fazl.

Temple construction

The marble temple which is seen now has been built by initiative of Maharajah Pratap Singh in 1969. At that time it was surrounded by mulberry trees known as tulmul in local language. But now we can see Chinar trees in its surroundings….with many Himalayan birds perching on their branches

An annual festival is celebrated in the kheer Bhavani mata Mandir on jyeshta ashtami wherein thousands of Hindus from all over India take part and celebrate the auspicious day of the incarnation of goddess Ragnya Devi.

A beautiful ashram like dharamshala with all the basic necessities has been built in the temple premises for devotees who prefer to stay and offer prayers to the goddess… It’s well maintained by a courteous friendly staff. One can see the beautiful snow clad mountains in the backdrop of the temple.. Jay Kheer Bhavani mata


Tips for the readers

Tip : Visit the Sindhu river flowing in close proximity of the temple in order to view the gentle fresh water flowing from the snow clad mountains. Perfect spot for clicking absolutely mesmerizing pics and shooting personal videos.


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7 thoughts on “Unbelievable Kheer Bhavani Mata temple in India with colour changing natural water springs

  1. Thanks a lot for your information!! It has been a wonderful experience at the temple. Hope to explore more such places 😁


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