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Are u in search of beautiful coral reefs and marine life in Maharashtra itself???

Tarkarli diaries My second day in tarkarli awaiting to experience the thrill of scuba diving and much more

The first day in tarkarli ended well with mixed emotions but not at all tiring. We had authentic dinner prepared in konkani style and went to sleep but with lot of thoughts in the back of our mind as we were super excited for our next day events planned up back to back.

It was 5a.m in the morning and I could not sleep,i just put on my jacket and went for a morning stroll on the beach. It was chilling cold and the beach was quiet, I just sat down on sand and kept watching the waves. I’d Even though I was on vacation I didn’t feel. Like skipping my yoga session, and I would say it had the most liberating and relaxing effect when done on a clean quiet beach with no one around.

What next?? After our breakfast we got ready and went to the Malvan beach as we were going to try our hands @ scuba diving on the backside of the majestic sindhudurg fort. We paid 1500 for snorkelling and scuba diving for each person. We reached there within a short time by a small boat ride, we attempted snorkelling in the beginning for 15 to 20 mins. In snorkelling we need not go down to the bottom of the ocean but can witness the Marine life very clearly. And finally our turn came to try scuba diving, only heard in movies like Zindagi milegi na dobara and seen experts doing it on discovery or National Geographic channels. Though it was difficult I had made mind to give it a shot, and it was worth trying. The guide took me to the bottom of the ocean and showed the beautiful coral reefs formations surrounded by the beautiful multicoloured fishes of variety of species. I could touch and hold the coral reef as the fishes swimmed all around me. Felt as if I got a chance to become Ariel, the mermaid, my favorite story book character, even though for a small period of time. No words can describe my happiness as well as the excitement while scuba diving in the Arabian sea. I just didn’t feel like coming out of water. But every good thing ends fast and we came back to the sea shore.

After a sumptuous lunch with a variety of delicacies, we took small boat ride to the sindhudurg fort. That whole day the boat rides were free for all the visitors as it was the day of their annual festival celebration. On this day the localities take out a procession from the village to the fort carrying the palkhi of their deity and is worshipped on the fort followed by many rituals. We were lucky enough to be a part of the festivities and immensely enjoyed the various activities at the fort. The sindhudurg fort was built by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj on the island of khurte bet. It is still intact and is of historic significance transporting us to an era of power, respect and immense glory. As we reach the top of the fort, we coukd see the vast blue ocean untouched by the so called pollution and commercialisation of Mumbai. It was a spectacular view, making us think of how miniature we are and our problems too in front of such a huge ocean. It inspired us to think big by setting aside all our inhibitions. With a lot of positivity we went form the fort to our room for packing our bags

As the sun faded it was time to say good bye and get back on train. To sum up I would Tarkarli as it was really beautiful in all ways and very reasonable for a family to plan inspite of financial Constraints. Moreover it is very safe and not at all commercial. People looking out for pubs, drinking bars should avoid coming here as there are no choices here. But good holiday destination for decent crowd to have a relaxing holiday.

P. S : October to February is the best season to visit tarkarli. January and February are best months recommended for scuba diving as well as check for low and high tides as scuba diving depends on it too. Clear water is necessary for best experience of scuba diving. There are very less restaurants offering multicuisine dishes. Mostly seafood Thalia are available all over. Not a spot for shopping lovers.


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