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Gir National Park – Close Encounter With The King of the Jungle

“Few can sojourn long within the unspoilt wilderness of a sanctuary, surrounded on all sides by its confiding animals, without absorbing its atmosphere; the Spirit of the Wild is quick to assert supremacy, and no man of any sensibility can resist her.” Experience watching live discovery channel in India Itself as you witness the majesticContinue reading “Gir National Park – Close Encounter With The King of the Jungle”

Gujarat Ka Tara – Saputara (complete travel guide)

Saputara is a picture perfect sole hill station of Gujarat. Perfectly snuggled in the Western ghats, saputara is undoubtedly a photographers delight owing to its picturesque misty hills, livid landscapes,winding roads,serene climate and enchanting forests. It is well known for the para gliding festival, Dang Darbar and the Monsoon festival organised by the Gujarat tourismContinue reading “Gujarat Ka Tara – Saputara (complete travel guide)”